Hand Tools

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Denali Industrial Supply has wide selection of hand tools from Milwaukee®, Klein®, Channellock®, Irwin® and Stanley®.  We carry a full line of tools for precise measuring: levels, laser levels, tape measures and measuring wheels. If you need to cut we carry hacksaws, handsaw, bolt cutters, wire cutters, chalk lines and speed squares. We supply a variety of non electric tools. If you need a hammer we have framing, ball pien, dead blow and sledge hammers. If you need to dig a hole, rake the leaves, shovel snow or sweep the garage we carry the tool you need to get the job done. Working on machinery – we carry a full line of sockets and wrenches.  Once you remove that part you are working on we carry a full line of vises and clamps from Wilton and Channellock to hold the item securely in place on your work bench.

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