Unlocking Alaska's mineral wealth requires resilience, determination, and the right tools. Denali Industrial Supply stands as your steadfast partner in the Alaskan mining sector, providing the rugged equipment, tools, and supplies essential for the challenges of the trade. From the depths of the earth to the remote reaches of Alaska's frontier, we ensure miners have the dependable resources they need to thrive.

Anchoring Alaska's Mining Economy

mining supplies Mining is the cornerstone of Alaska’s economy, providing thousands of jobs throughout Alaska’s major communities and vast frontier. Mining is an extremely laborious occupation that requires extreme grit and perseverance to get the job done right. It is of no surprise that the tools, equipment, and industrial supplies that miners utilize every day must also be tough and rugged to properly function in hostile environments.


Your Trusted Mining Partner

Denali Industrial Supply is your trusted source for high-quality, dependable mining equipment, tools, and industrial products. Whether you’re in need of standard or metric extra-large fasteners, hand tools, abrasives, Loctite equipment, hydraulic torque wrenches, or a host of other mining supplies, Denali has you covered.

Stop in and visit us at our Fairbanks or Anchorage locations, or if you have specific questions, get in touch with our sales team and we will gladly assist you. Denali Industrial Supply is your Alaskan locally trusted source for high-quality industrial mining supplies, fasteners, tools, and equipment.

Advanced Mining Tool & Equipment Options

Unlike national chain vendors, Denali Industrial Supply understands the rigors of living and working in Alaska’s intemperate climate. That is why we are here to provide top-notch service to all our customers in the mining industry. We provide the following types of tools, equipment, and accessory products expertly designed for the mining industry: