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Flute Tap Extractor Drills

Tap extractors allow you to remove broken hand taps, pipe taps, STI taps, and machine screws. No drilling processes or lasers are required, and components are extracted without damaging threads, scrapping parts, or repairing inserts. Simply grab the broken tab using a tap extractor, remove the tap with minimal operator effort, and fasten materials back together with a new screw.
Denali Industrial Supply’s stock of Walton flute tap extractors and tap extractor sets can meet the demands of any extraction application. We work with a variety of industries throughout Alaska to provide high-quality tools and materials for any project.

Our Stock of Walton Tap Extractor Drills

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3-Flute Tap Extractor Drills

We stock Walton 3-flute extractor drills in sizes from 3mm to 3.5mm to meet any industrial tap extractor application. Our 3-flute tap extractors feature hardened steel fingers and can remove broken taps simply and safely.

4-Flute Tap Extractor Drills

Our supply of Walton 4-flute tap extractors will fit both NC and NF taps. They use the same effective, straightforward removal as a 3-flute tap and come in sizes ranging from 4mm to 24/25mm.

Tap Extractor Drill Sets

When you need tap extractor options available to you, a Walton tap extractor drill set is your best option. We offer 6-piece sets and 13-piece sets to meet your application’s unique requirements.

Alaska’s Top Supplier of Walton Tap Extractor Drills for Any Industrial Application

Denali Industrial Supply maintains one of Alaska’s largest inventories of flute tap extractor drills and other industrial fasteners. Along with our tap extractors, we offer a wide range of other taps, dies, and threaded products, including: Contact us today with questions about our stock of Walton flute tap extractor drills or any other industrial fastener. Request a quote to start your order. We’re ready to help you find the tap extractor solution to meet any requirement.