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Denali Industrial Supply carries a wide variety of adhesives, coatings, paints, lubricants and marking products from companies like 3M®, CRC®, Krylon®, Kroil® and WD-40®.
  • Paint can protect your project from corrosion and the elements.  Marking paints can be used for laying out your next project on grass or gravel or mark trees for cutting.
  • CRC Zinc it cold galvanizing spray fights rust and corrosion.  Zinc it can also be used to touch up damaged galvanized coatings, and it dries quickly.
  • Cutting fluids gives you cutting tools/teeth extended tool life, a machined finish and removes excess material
  • Keep motors and equipment oiled and operating smoothly with our selection of lubricantsgreasesilicone and graphite, wet or dry lubrication to help prevent seizing and corrosion.
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*** Due to Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, Liquid/Flammable/Aerosal items may only ship locally by ground ***


Click to Narrow Your Results