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Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

Alaska’s #1 Cordless Hammer Drill Supplier

Denali Industrial Supply stocks cordless hammer drills from the industry’s top manufacturers, including Milwaukee®, Makita®, and DeWalt®. Using brushless technology, these tools utilize a hammering and rotational action to drill holes in concrete, brick, or rock. A rotary hammer drill creates a hole with rough surface edges, which are required when working with post-installed epoxy anchors in concrete.

The Right Drill or Drill Driver Kit for Your Application

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a cordless hammer drill: size and frequency of holes required, power, bit size, BPM (blows per minute), torque, and more. A good rule of thumb is to select a tool that is rated for drilling holes 50% over the size of your most frequently drilled diameter. For example, if you most frequently drill 1/2” diameter holes, you should select a rotary hammer drill capable of producing a 1” hole in concrete.

With a huge inventory of cordless hammer drills and drill driver kits, Denali Industrial Supply makes it easy to find the right option for your application. If you’re working in a controlled environment where dust is an issue, we have hammer drill models with built-in HEPA dust extractors. If you’re setting anchors in the side of a rock face, we offer high powered brushless hammer drills like the Makita HRH01ZX2, which delivers the performance of a corded hammer drill in a durable, lightweight, cordless design.

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We also stock  drill bits  for all applications, including a full line of Relton Rebar Eaters for drilling through rebar in reinforced concrete.

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With locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, and nearly 60 options to choose from, we are Alaska’s #1 cordless hammer drill supplier. Order today,  request a quote, or   to learn more.

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