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assortment of safety equipment

safety equipment

Denali Industrial Supply carries a vast selection of safety to gear like eye, face, hand protection and fall protection from Guardian.

Eye protection is the most critical and prevalent protective wear. Every industry requires eye protection in the work place to protect the health and welfare of the work crew. We carry glasses, goggle and full face shields in many styles and lens color to keep your eyes and face protected and meet OSHA and MSHA standards.

Falls are regularly a cause of injury and workmen’s comp claims. If you or your employees work from an elevated position you need to have all protection according to OSHA 1926.500-503 to help prevent dangerous falls. With the right fall protection and proper use of it, can prevent dangerous falls and hefty OSHA fines. Denali Industrial Supply carries Guardian fall protection for your business that can save you a lot of money in lost work time and fines.

We carry a wide selection of hand protection to protect your hands from cuts, abrasions, punctures, thermal burns, extreme temperature and absorption of hazardous chemicals. Whatever your hand protection needs are we have something for you for summer and winter working conditions.

Facial protection is critical in industries today with debris, sparks, dust and splashing chemicals all posing severe hazards. A full face shield can prevent dust, debris and chemicals from getting in your eyes and face preventing life changing injuries.

Denali Industrial Supply carries Occunimix High Vis work wear, the leader in workplace safety gear. From a simple vest to flame resistant full fleece lined winter gear we carry all options.  Working with chemicals comes as part of the job in many industries, but no need to get dangerous chemicals on your clothes or even worse your skin. Whether you’re working in a paint booth, manufacturing or the oil field industry we carry Tyvek suits to cover you from head to toe.

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