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In the construction and building maintenance industries, having the proper tools is imperative for the safety of workers, as well as the quality of the finished product. Cheap, unreliable tools and hardware can sabotage a construction or building maintenance project, losing you time, money, and potentially customers. Proper tools are investments that ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly.

Denali Industrial provides a wide range of tools necessary for construction and property management professionals all across Alaska. We supply trusted brands and models to ensure you’re prepared for every job

Alaskan Construction and Maintenance Industries Require a Range of Tools

Because of the wide variety of jobs within the construction and building maintenance industries, there are many tools that may be required to complete a project. To be fully prepared, you need a range of product types. These include:

  • Power Tools: Power tools utilize additional power sources like electric motors or compressed air and are typically used for heavier-duty applications. Within the construction and property maintenance industries, power tools are used for various repair and building projects.
  • Hand Tools: Hand tools are used for more general purposes, and don’t require any additional power sources other than your own hands. These can include screwdrivers, wrenches, sledge hammers and more.
  • Electric Tools: While electric tools are typically used by electricians, there are situations where maintenance professionals will work on electrical wire. In those cases, tools are needed that are made specifically for electrical applications.

Construction Tool Necessities

For construction professionals in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and across Alaska, having the proper tools is essential. The tools needed will differ based on what type of work will be performed, but in general, it’s ideal to have a combination of trusted power and hand tools.

Construction Power Tools

Construction Hand Tools

Must-Have Property Maintenance Tools

Building maintenance professionals need high quality, versatile tools to tackle the variety of jobs within the industry. Because these tools will be used on a regular basis, its important that you stock up on essential tools that emphasis reliability.

Maintenance Power Tools

For larger projects, power tools like drills, sanders, saws, and nail guns are essential. For maintenance technicians, it’s a great idea to invest in the power tools that will be used most often.

Maintenance Hand Tools

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