drill bits

drill bits

Denali Industrial Supply carries a large selection of drill bits for drilling specific size holes in almost any material in just about any industry.

Types of bits and some of their uses.
  • Aircraft drills - Are made to aerospace specs for drilling high tensile strength material like titanium.
  • Diamond tipped Core bore - Hole saws that cut holes into concrete.
  • Annular cutter - Ideal for drilling structural steel.
  • Carbide burrs and sets - Are used for rapid removal of excess metal material. Can be used on many metals like aluminum, cast iron, and steel.
  • Countersink & counterbores - Combined drills and countersinks are used to enlarge part of a new or existing hole to hide the head of a screw or seat a nut.
  • Drill extensions – Come in several diameters and lengths.
  • Drill inserts - Replaceable inserts in the tip of specialty drills.
  • Extra length drills - Mainly used for drilling deep holes and drilling areas that are hard to reach.
  • Jobber drills - Or standard length drills, they are the most popular and widely used lengths that can be used in Cordless drills or a drill press.
  • Screw extractors. Designed for rapid removal of sunken, broken screws or studs.
  • Screw machine drills - Also known as shorty or stubby drills that have shorter flute and lengths that provides maximum strength which is perfect for hand drills.
  • Silver/deming drills. Made of high speed steel for strength. Used in drilling aluminum alloys.
  • Straight flute drills. Drills are used for cutting through the hardest types of steel.
  • Pilot/Spotting or centering - To provide a starting hole for larger bits.
  • Taper length drills - Also known as long drills, taper drills have a long flute and overall lengths compared to jobber drills making them useful in making deep holes.
We also carry a wide selection of masonry drilling, chisels and scrapers bits for your demo hammer.

As well as router bits for many cuts on your next project. Router bits will give you that decorative edge you want such as counter tops and molding.

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