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Acme Thread Rod

Acme threading was created to replace square thread, providing a far more efficient design when generating power for motion. Acme threads use a 29-degree angle, delivering more strength than V-shaped threads. Because it can generate heavy torque and power transmission, Acme threaded rod is often used in industrial applications including presses, milling machines, and more.

* Acme threaded rod is sold by the foot and can be cut to your specified length for a small additional fee.

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Benefits of General Purpose Acme Threaded Rod

Acme threading provides several advantages compared to standard threaded rod. Benefits of Acme threaded rod include:
  • Acme threads use a 29-degree angle resulting in broader and stronger threading compared to other options
  • Acme rods have much better wear properties, load capabilities, and tolerances than standard threaded rod
  • Thickness of Acme threading results in better performance when dirt and debris are present
  • General Purpose Acme threads are designed to work interchangeability at different grades

Applications of Acme Threaded Rod

Acme rods are often used in industrial applications that require heavy torque and power transmission. Acme thread is designed for carrying heavy loads with ease. Applications for Acme rod include:
  • CNC systems
  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Presses
  • Jack screws
  • Lead screws

Other Threaded Rod and Studs at Denali

In addition to Acme threaded rod, Denali supplies standard threaded rod and studs with different thread grades. We offer threaded rod in various diameter, length, and material options, with multiple finish options available as well.
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Acme Heavy Hex Nuts

Denali also carries heavy hex Acme nuts. These special heavy-duty nuts are designed to fasten to Acme threaded rod, creating an industrial-strength fastening solution.
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Denali is Alaska’s Industrial Supplier

Denali Industrial Supply is Alaska’s one-stop solution for industrial products. We are a supplier of Acme threaded rod and Acme heavy hex nuts. With locations in Fairbanks and now Anchorage, Alaska, we can supply all your fastener needs. Questions about our products? Call us at 1-800-478-2658 and our team will be happy to assist you.

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