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Bent Anchor Bolts

Bent anchor bolts are L-shaped or J-shaped bolts that are placed into concrete and used to anchor structural supports. The bent anchors L or J shape allows for added overall anchoring power. Denali’s concrete bent anchor bolts (or J bolts) are threaded on the top, which allows applications such as light poles and steel columns to be fastened to them. The bottoms of our galvanized bent anchor bolts create resistance, so the bent anchor bolt does not pull out of its concrete foundation when force is applied.

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Bent Anchor Bolt Features

Our concrete bent anchor bolts provide numerous features that add to the reinforcement of many unique industrial applications. Some of the more prevalent features of Denali’s bent anchor J bolts, include:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Unique bent anchor design
  • Extremely strong holding power
  • Multiple finish options

Bent Anchor Bolt Applications

Denali’s bent anchor J bolts are used for a wide range of industrial applications, some of which include:

  • Columns
  • Floor plates
  • Sign structures
  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • Light poles
  • Bridges
  • And more

Denali’s bent anchor bolts are available in two specific types of finishes. These include: Hot dipped galvanized (HDG) and plain steel.

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