Socket Cap Screws

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Are you searching for a high-quality fastening solution? Denali Industrial Supply is a premium distributor of various fasteners and tools for your industrial projects. The vast inventory at Denali offers many socket cap fasteners in varying configurations like socket cap screws, flat socket cap screws, and button socket cap screws to adhere to your exact specifications.

Looking for a particular industrial fastener to complete your designs? Denali Industrial Supply can help. We are a trusted, reliable distributor of industrial fasteners and tools with two Alaskan locations. Contact us or request a quote today.

What are Socket Cap Screws?

A type of threaded fastener, socket cap screws are used for securing components within industrial applications. Producing a fixed joint between two material surfaces, industrial socket cap fasteners are used in various industries for fastening operations like assemblies, manufacturing processes, tooling applications, and fabrications. Socket cap screws are typically installed using tools for socket fasteners, wrenches, and hex keys.

Types of Industrial Socket Cap Fasteners

At Denali Industrial Supply, we offer industrial fasteners to address your challenges. Our product suite includes a variety of socket screws for applications across various industries.

Socket Cap Screws

An ideal fastener for applications with limited space, socket cap screws feature less surface area due to their internal wrenching design. Also referred to as Allen screws or Allen head bolts, applications that cannot accommodate traditional wrenches and sockets benefit from utilizing socket cap screws. Socket cap screws are available in threaded and unthreaded variations.

Flat Socket Cap Screws

Equipped with a low-profile and countersunk head, flat socket cap screws offer durability and strength. Flat socket cap fasteners are often used in industrial projects where moving parts pass over a fastened component because of the flush mounting they provide. A robust fastening solution, flat socket cap screws are excellent for applications that require a reliable mount with little or no fastener interference.

Button Socket Cap Screws

Featuring a low-domed head with a wide bearing surface, button socket cap screws are a light fastening solution. Button socket cap fasteners provide a less secure hold than flat socket cap screws and standard socket cap screws. An ideal fastener solution for lightweight applications, the aesthetic appearance of button socket screws makes them excellent for finishing when a neat appearance is desired.

Applications for Socket Cap Screws

Socket cap screws are industrial fasteners designed to secure loose components with tools like Allen wrenches, socket tools, and hex keys, ideal for applications where space limitation is a concern. Typically used in industrial production and assemblies, we have socket fasteners for heavy-duty and lightweight applications. Denali Industrial Supply ships only within Alaska, specifically serving Fairbanks, Anchorage, and the Bush Regions and North Slope communities in the following industries: