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Denali Industrial Supply is Alaska’s leading supplier of fasteners and anchors, serving customers in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and throughout Interior Alaska. We offer anchors and accessories for all applications. Our extensive inventory of anchors includes a variety of specialty products, like duckbill anchor drive rods and Lok-Bolt extenders.

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Duckbill Anchor Drive Rod

Duckbill anchors are ideal for landscaping applications. They operate much like toggle bolts to provide sturdy and reliable holding capacity in dirt and soil. A duckbill anchor drive rod is required for proper installation. Simply insert the tip of the drive rod into the anchor, position it where needed, and press firmly by hand to sink the anchor into the earth. The cable attached to the duckbill anchor remains aboveground for easy attachment to whatever you’re anchoring.

Lok-Bolt Extender

Lok-Bolt anchors are designed for use in concrete and masonry, and are commonly used for door and window frame installation, electrical system installation, and for mounting fixtures on walls. Lok-Bolt extenders are an easy way to lengthen these fasteners for specialty installations. Simply thread the extender onto the Lok-Bolt anchor for a sturdy connection.

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With two stores (Anchorage and Fairbanks), Denali Industrial Supply provides across Alaska with duckbill anchor drive rods, Lok-Bolt extenders, and much more. Order today  request a quote, or contact us for specialty anchors for your application.

Our huge inventory of fasteners includes a full line of anchors, including:

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