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Fastening Pins & Retainers

In need of a high-quality fastening pin solution? Find the pin components you require at Denali Industrial Supply. We offer a range of pins and retainers to meet the needs of various industrial operations. Denali is the leading fastener distributor in Alaska, with an extensive assortment of fastening pins and retaining solutions.

Unable to find the fastener you require? We are a direct supplier of industrial fastening pins and solutions, offering assistance from our expert team to help select a suitable fastening component for your project. Contact us at either of our locations or request a quote today.
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What are Fastening Pins?

Pre-dating traditional fasteners, fastening pins use force to secure components. Pins are a non-threaded fastening solution relying on tension or friction to create lasting connections for a wide range of applications across industries. Industrial fastening pins are used in a variety of applications like vehicles, industrial machinery, electronics, architecture, and more.

Industrial Pins & Retainers Offerings

Denali Industrial is your trusted supplier of fasteners and tools. Our stock includes an expansive selection of industrial fastening pins and retaining solutions to meet the needs of your projects.

Cotter Pins

A wire-formed, split pin solution, cotter pins feature a teardrop-shaped head and prongs, with one prong shorter than the other for easy separation. Used to secure clevis pins, shafts, and other industrial components, cotter pins are a simple fastening solution with quick installation and removal, commonly found in agriculture and construction assemblies.

Clevis Pins

The clevis pin is one of the three components within a clevis fastening system. Clevis pins can be used in the place of bolts and rivets to provide a secure industrial fastening solution. Commonly used with clevis jaws and cotter pins, unthreaded clevis pins can be found in agriculture, mining, aviation, construction, and sailing applications.

Dowel Pins

Also known as straight pins, dowl pins are cylindrical components that align parts in an assembly. Often found in place of screws or bolts for speed and efficiency, two dowel pins are usually installed in holes at a set distance apart on mating components. Pressed and not hammered, dowel pins are used in furniture and shelving, small structures, and hanger systems.

Spring Pins

Sometimes referred to as roll pins or tension pins, spring pins feature chamfered ends that exert a spring force within an application. Spring pins are compressed during installation, allowing for continuous pressure to the assembly when released. Providing more vibration resistance compared to dowel pins, spring pins can be found in electronics industries, mechanical operations, and other industrial applications.

Cable Sleeves

An industrial fastening solution for cables, cable sleeves create a durable eye splice without fraying. Used for cable assemblies and rigging functions, cable sleeves are uniformly crimped to create a secure anchor between two pieces of wire or cable.

Retaining Rings

A small component within assemblies, retaining rings secure parts onto a shaft or bore. Without threading, retaining rings clamp around smooth surfaces to hold components in place while absorbing vibration. Retaining rings can be found in aerospace, automotive, medical, and oil and gas industries.

Split Rings

A ring fastening solution, split rings are wire-formed rings featuring two helices pressed flat. Split rings are a highly versatile component with excellent durability. These industrial fasteners can be found in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and fishing.

Banding Clips

Used in conjunction with hose banding, banding clips are hose fastening solutions. Banding clips are used to create a clamp on hose applications to stop leaks along the hose. A lightweight solution, banding clips can bundle wires, cables, and hoses within an application.

Hanger Wire

Hanger wire is a construction application that provides support to building components. Typically installed beneath a floor structure, hanger wire holds wallboard or suspended ceilings. As a fastening solution, hanger wire is used in steel framing applications, offering corrosion resistance and structural support. 

Yoke End

Part of a clevis fastening system, also known as clevis ends, yoke ends provide a secure fastener for cables. Yoke ends are U-shaped fasteners that can be closed off with clevis and clotter pins. When secured with a suitable pin fastener, yoke ends are highly popular in lifting applications.

Eye & Eye Swivel

A positioning component that aligns parts in an assembly, eye-eye swivels hook onto a pick point in lifting applications. Double-eye swivels feature two end fittings secured by a shaft and nut. When force is applied to double-eye swivels, rotation no longer occurs to provide a reliable attachment.

Steel Banding

Used for protecting fragile applications, steel banding provides high shock resistance. For transporting packaged glass, wide loads, and other shipping applications, steel banding is an ideal solution. Featuring heavy-duty strength and reliability, steel banding is an excellent choice for secure shipping and transportation.

Hitch Pins

Commonly known as trailer pins, hitch pins feature a swivel handle and through-hole or groove. Hitch pins provide a heavy-duty attachment for trailers, agricultural equipment, and other vehicles. Once installed, hitch pins must be secured with a hitch pin clip or lynch pin component.

Snapper Pins

A self-locking pin solution, snapper pins don’t require a retaining pin. Also known as wire lock pins or snap pins, these fastening pins feature a locking mechanism for a complete solution. Snapper pins are often used in hauling equipment, mainly agricultural machinery, as well as hydraulic and power take-off applications.

Applications for Fastening Pins

Fastening pins secure components within assemblies without threaded features. Offering a range of solutions to many applications and industries, pins and retaining solutions include an array of fasteners to meet your requirements. Our assortment of fastening pins and retainers can be used in lightweight or heavy-duty applications across various industries, depending on your needs. Denali Industrial Supply ships only to Alaska, serving Anchorage and Fairbanks, as well as the Bush Regions and North Slope communities, with fastening solutions for the following industries:

More Fasteners from Denali Industrial

Along with our premium fastening pins and retainer solutions, Denali offers a vast inventory of industrial fasteners to meet your requirements. Fastener options include:

Denali Industrial Supply Offers Premium Fastening Pins & Retaining Solutions

Denali Industrial has the fastening solutions you need, including industrial pins and retainers like cotter pins, dowel pins, and spring pins, as well as retaining and split rings. We are proud to be the top fastener distributor in Alaska, with a knowledgeable team of experts to advise on fastening pin solutions that meet the requirements of your applications.

We have two locations, Anchorage and Fairbanks, with over 40,000 sq. ft., supplying industrial fasteners and equipment for various applications across industries. Contact us at 800-478-2658 for direct assistance or request a quote today.