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Wheel Nut Bolting

RAD Wheel Nut Bolting was designed specifically for when torque control is a must. Accidents from incorrectly tightened wheel nuts are the problem, and RAD planetary torque wrenches are the answer. These tools are vibration free giving you the accuracy you need physically as well as digitally. The nose extentions are ideal for tight clearances and reaching recessed wheel nut studs. 
They are equipped with removable custom reaction arms designed to fit on virtually any wheel configuration. There's an extended reaction point for safe and quick operation, and of course they have the accuracy to ensure your wheels are tightened correctly.

All RAD pneumaic tools include:
  • Reaction arm and snap ring
  • Hose and fittings
  • Tool holder with FRL unit
  • Operators manual
  • Calibrated to ISO 17025
  • Safety instruction available on USB flash drive

   RAD 15DX application

 High speed pneumatic demo
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