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Fire block foam is a professional grade polyurethane foam sealant that effectively blocks the spread of smoke and flame.

Polyurethane foam sealant designed to effectively block the spread of smoke and flame in Type V residential construction. More cost effective then standard fiberglass and caulks used for this purpose. Seals gaps stops air infiltration and insulates. Use in heating and air conditioning, electrical and plumbing applications. Not for use in FIRESTOP applications.

*** EST-3363 Code Listed Fireblock is Residential Construction Only ***

Please call our experienced sales staff with any questions, we have people at each branch location who are STI FIT Level II certified.  You can also call STI Engineering services at 1-800-992-1180 EXT 2 for free engineering support and technical questions on firestop. 

You can find UL system ratings on STI’s website at the below link.

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