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Denali Industrial Supply carries a wide selection of spray paints, coatings, primers and marking products from companies like Krylon®, Aervoe®, Sharpie® and Uni-Paint®
  • Spray paint for everyday maintenance and for in and outdoor use, also commonly used to protect your project from corrosion and the elements. 
  • Anti-slip paints are used to protect your customers and employees from slipping on wet surfaces.
  • CRC Zinc it cold galvanizing spray fights rust and corrosion. You can touch up damaged galvanized coatings and it dries quickly.
  • Floor paints that are easy to use and protect and provide durability for your floors.
  • Marking Paints are used to mark grass, gravel, and pavement or trees for cutting.
  • Marking Products are used to mark items such as cardboard, ceramics, glass, metal and wood.
  • Paint additives help in hardening of paint and provide protective coatings, useful in exterior applications.
  • Paint removers make the removal of paint and other finishes easy and they clean the underlying surface, in prepping sections of your work surface.
***Due to Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, Liquid/Flammable items may only be ship locally by ground. ***

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