Adhesive / Sealants / Tape

Adhesive / Sealants / Tape

We carry a wide variety of adhesives, sealants and tape from companies like 3M®, Loctite®, Gorilla® and White Lighting™ to get your job done and honey doo list complete. Denali Industrial Supply has the largest selection of Loctite in Alaska. 

We have tape for a large number of applications from painters tape to duct tape and electrical tape in a wide range of colors. 

Our large selection of threadlockers and retaining compound from Loctite will keep your nuts and bolts securely in their place. Choose blue when disassembly maybe required in the future, choose red for a permanent lock and seal (red locktite can be removed if parts are heated to 500°F)

Denali Industrial Supply has adhesives from 3M, Gorilla and Loctite for wood, plastics and metal in liquid, gels or spray. 

Silicones, Caulks and Sealants when applied close the gap to prevent air, fumes, and dust from entering your work space. Use a caulk gun to close small gaps around window and doors.  If the joint you are sealing will encounter movement, you will want to use caulk with an elastomeric property that can stretch and move with the joint without cracking.  

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