When selecting caulking products there are three basic subdivisions of products to choose from based on what rating you are trying to achieve and if you are working with a joint, penetration or a smoke and sound seal.

The first process in selecting the right firestop product is to determine what UL system you will be using.  A UL system is a test done by an independent third party lab that determines if a product applied in a certain manner will restore the designed hourly rating of the wall, floor or joint in question. 

Once a hole is drilled through a properly constructed fire rated wall or floor, the rating of that wall or floor goes to zero.  Properly applying the correct firestop product per a UL system restores the hourly fire rating to that designed by the architect and also allows the installer to show documentation to an inspection official. 

You can find UL system ratings on STI’s website at the below link.
If you are working with a joint in a building you will need to use a material that after curing allows the joint to move.  A product that has this characteristic is known as elastomeric properties.  The main product we recommend for a joint is ES sealant.

If you are working with a penetration – for example a metal pipe through a wall you will need a chemical that has intumescent properties.  Intumescent means it expands with heat, which allows the firestop to seal of the opening.  The main product we recommend for this is LCI Low Cost Intumescent.

If you only need to achieve a smoke and sound seal you will want to select smoke and sound caulk.  Smoke and sound caulk protects against the passage of cold smoke and sound transmission.  Smoke and sound caulk carries and STC acoustic rating of 62 – very high.  There are not UL tested systems for smoke and sound applications – follow the application guidelines on the product data sheet for its usage and application. 
Please call our experienced sales staff with any questions, we have people at each branch location who are STI FIT Level II certified.  You can also call STI Engineering services at 1-800-992-1180 EXT 2 for free engineering support and technical questions on firestop. 

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