Makita Tools sold in AK

Makita Tools sold in AK

Denali is a proud supplier of Makita tools for our customers throughout Alaska. We offer a wide range of Makita power tools, from saws to hand tools, which are all designed with comfort and precision in mind. With their all-metal, easy-to use construction, Makita tools are perfect for any application, from home owner maintenance to professional construction.

A few of our most popular Makita Products...

Milwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench from Denali Industrial AK                                         M18 FUEL Drill 2803-20 from Denali AK                                                    

HR4013C AVT Rotary Hammer                     XDT 13Z Brushless Impact Driver           MAKITA 4-1/2" X-LOCK ANGLE GRINDER

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Top Makita Products for Denali

Denali Industrial supplies a range of Makita tools for all of your home improvement and construction needs. These include:

Makita HR4013C AVT Rotary Hammer: This rotary hammer from Makita provides less vibration and more impact energy, making it ideal for a range of concrete applications, from drilling for pipes to small chipping applications. Its powerful motor and variable speed control make it a trusted rotary hammer for masons, demolition contractors, and other industrial professionals.

Makita XDT13Z Brushless Impact Driver: This impact driver combines power and run-time, making it the perfect tool for a full range of fastening applications. With an efficient brushless motor, it can provide long-lasting, increased power and speed.

Makita XSR01 Cordless Rear Handle Circular Saw: With an electronically-controlled brushless motor that matches torque and RPM to the application, this circular saw from Makita is perfect for even demanding applications like cutting plywood and dimensional lumber.

Makita HM1812X3 Hex Breaker Hammer: This hex breaker hammer is a synchronized, three-component system that reduces vibration and provides more impact energy than other systems. The improved system design leads to additional productivity and improved accuracy. If you are breaking concrete of driving ground rod this is the tool you need.

Makita XCS01Z Cordless Rebar Cutter: This rebar cutter from Makita features a four-way rotatable, long-lasting cutting blade, surviving up to 4,000 cuts before being replaced. The adjustable stopper and ergonomic cutting pistol grip handle makes cutting quick and efficient.

Makita VC4710 12 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA-Rated Vacuum: The Xtract Vac is an integral part of Makita’s dust collection system. Featuring a powerful motor, impressive suction power, and 92” of water lift, the Xtract Vac is ideal for even the most challenging applications, especially those in concreate and woodworking. This vacuum with proper dust collection attachments allows the operator to be in compliance with OSHA table 1 silica dust.

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Makita tools provide reliability and strength that is ideal for every application. We are proud to supply Makita tools to our customers throughout Alaska. Our tools can be shipped anywhere in Alaska from our locations in Fairbanks and Anchorage.
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